Emery borrowed money from her brother to buy a new phone, and is paying off a fixed amount each week. After 2 weeks, she will owe $456, and after 5 weeks, she will owe $228A. What was the original amount emery borrowed?B.how much does she pay each week?C. How useful are equations in point slope and slope intercept forms for answering each question?

Accepted Solution

Answer: A. The original price was $608. B. $76 each week C. Quite useful, as it keeps track of the amount of money she still needs to owe each week. Step-by-step explanation: For part A, 5 week subtracted by 2 weeks is 3 weeks. 456-228 is 228. Then divide 228 by 3 and you get $76. Then do 2x76 to get 152 and add it to 456, and you get 608.