Cal is trying to raise his average weekly income to be at least $131. His firsttwo weekly paychecks were $128 and $135. What is the lowest amount on his nextpaycheck that Cal must earn so that he can reach his goal?a) $132b) $131c) $135d) $130

Accepted Solution

Answer:d) $130Step-by-step explanation:Average means you add up the numbers and divide by the number of numbers.We want our average to be 131.We have 128,135, and the next pay check amount.So let's average the three numbers together.[tex]\frac{128+135+x}{3}[/tex][tex]x[/tex] represent the amount on the next pay check.We want this average to equal 131 so we have this equation to solve:[tex]\frac{128+135+x}{3}=131[/tex]First step: Add 128 and 135:[tex]\frac{263+x}{3}=131[/tex]Second step: Multiply both sides by 3:[tex]263+x=3(131)[/tex]Third step: Multiply 3 and 131:[tex]263+x=393[/tex]Fourth step: Subtract 263 on both sides:[tex]x=393-263[/tex]Fifth step: Subtract 393 and 263:[tex]x=130[/tex]d. 130