10 POINTS AND BRAINLIESTDetermine which of the following situations can be modeled by the ratio 7/2 . Select all situations that applyFor every twenty-eight cats, there are 4four dogsSara runs an average of fourteen miles every four days.An online clothing store charges $7.50 to ship ten clothing itemsA recipe calls for 3 1/2 cups of flour for every 1 cup of sugar.Bottled water is on sale this week for a rate of $1.50 for two bottles

Accepted Solution

- For situation one it would no
[tex] \frac{28}{4} = 7[/tex]
✔ Situation 2 would be yes
[tex] \frac{14}{4 } = \frac{7}{2} [/tex]
- Situation 3 would be no
[tex] \frac{7.50}{10} = 0.75 = \frac{ 3}{4} [/tex]
- Situation 4 would be no
[tex] \frac{1.50}{2} = 0.75 = \frac{3}{4} [/tex]